How to start using Pionex GRID Trading Bot

A step by step guide to start using the Pionex GRID Trading Bot

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A couple of weeks ago I have started to experiment with GRID Bots and I am pretty excited about the results right now. 😸

So, I thought it would be good to share it with you.

It has started with the great review of GRID Trading Bots by Gaurav Agrawal.

I have tried most of the bots and several of them with real money. It was an exciting experiment and if you like to try new things, then I definitely recommend you to test the bots yourself.

But you just want to start quickly with the best one, then I…

Web Development | ASP.NET Core | Vue.js

A simple way to use Vue.js Components in ASP.NET Core Web Application without JavaScript bundler

Using Vue.Js Bootstrap Card Component

In other Languages: DE

Part 1. Using ASP.NET Core Razor Partials

Some time ago I was looking for a simple way to start using the power of Vue.js Components in my ASP.NET Core project and was not able to find any simple solution to start with.

All solutions I have found required using a JavaScript bundler, like Webpack and dealing with it and tons of other npm packets in my codebase. This idea did not look great to me. I needed something simple and quick to start with. And then I came to the idea of how to do it myself.

Here is my simple way to use Single File Vue.js Components in an ASP.NET Core project with Razor Pages and without any JavaScript Bundler.

I will show you step-by-step instruction…

A short guide to create a Linux service running PyCryptoBot 2

Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash

If you don’t know what is PyCryptoBot 2, please check first the stories Python Crypto Bot (PyCryptoBot) and What’s new in PyCryptoBot 2? by Michael Whittle

I am experimenting with PyCryptoBot 2 for a while and have built me a small VM with Ubuntu to run it on.

The installing and setting it up using the provided docs went without big problems. Connecting it with my Binance account was also very easy.

I have started with several bots running as background tasks with the help of nohup (How to use Nohup in Linux). But pretty soon some of my bots…


Trying to find the logic in the Medium’s earning statistics

I am a pretty new writer at medium and have only a couple of stories. This makes things easier to check. Am I looking at my earning statistics and cannot understand, how Medium calculates the earnings?

And what I see does not have any logic and does not make any sense for me…

Here are some examples from the earning statistic of my story “Using Vue Components in ASP.NET Core without bundler

The day after the Distribution: 24 internal views, 23 min reading time and $0.54 earnings

Then a day with only 2 internal views and no reading time: $0.82


Another simple way to use Vue.js Components in ASP.NET Core Web Application without any JavaScript bundler.

The Vue Card 2 Component (vue-card2.vue)

Link to Part 1. Using ASP.NET Core Razor Partials

Part2. Using http-vue-loader

This is the second part of the story “Using Vue Components in ASP.NET Core without bundler”. Here is Part 1, if you haven’t read it yet.

I have found an another nice way to achieve the same result as in Part 1 is to use http-vue-loader library made by Franck Freiburger.

I have read about using http-vue-loader in the story “Using Vue.js Single File Component Without Module Bundlers” written by James Wee

This library loads .vue files directly from the HTML page or JavaScript without any JS Bundler and build steps.


I am curious to try different languages at Medium

Photo by Edurne Chopeitia on Unsplash

I have just started my small experiment with languages at Medium.

Since I am a new author, I do not know, if it really makes sense to write in other languages at Medium.

So I have posted two versions of the same story in Englisch and German, and being very curious how big will be the difference between them in the stats.



Sure, I do not expect the German version to perform better than Englisch. But it is still interesting to check the German auditory. 😉

Let’s test it!

I will report about the results in a month or so…

Do you have some experience in writing at Medium in other languages…


Mein einfacher Weg Vue.js Komponenten in einer ASP.NET Core-Webanwendung ohne JavaScript Bundler zu verwenden

Vue.js Komponente für Bootstrap Karteikarte

In anderen Sprachen: EN

Ich bin schon seit eine weile als Full-Stack Webentwickler tätig und baue einen Web-Portal mit ASP.NET Core und C#. Im Frontend haben wir bis jetzt noch viel mit jQuery programmiert und das ist schon seit Langem nicht mehr zeitgemäß.

In meinen Hobby-Projekten hatte ich schon mal Vue.js ausprobiert und fand es sehr gut. Deswegen wollte ich dieses Framework auch in unserem Projekt nutzen.

Wohl bekannt, dass der Einstieg mit Vue.js ist sehr einfach und schnell. Ich habe die Vue.js Bibliothek ins Projekt gepackt und konnte sofort loslegen. Es gab nur ein Problem: ich konnte kein Gebrauch…

How to convert a Revolut Account Statement to Quicken Interchange Format (QIF)

If you have a Revolut account and track your finances in some software, you know it is very annoying to enter the transactions manually. In the best case, the software can import transactions automatically. If there is no auto-import option for your Bank, you can often do it manually, if the Bank provides you with a compatible account statement export file.

The problem is: there is no defined standard for an account statement in the Excel or CSV format!

Every Bank has its account statement export format with custom column order and names. So, in most cases, you will need…


Born, Learned, Studied, Coding…

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