I don’t understand the earning statistics at Medium

Trying to find the logic in the Medium’s earning statistics

2 min readDec 30, 2020


I am a pretty new writer at medium and have only a couple of stories. This makes things easier to check. Am I looking at my earning statistics and cannot understand, how Medium calculates the earnings?

And what I see does not have any logic and does not make any sense for me…

Here are some examples from the earning statistic of my story “Using Vue Components in ASP.NET Core without bundler

The day after the Distribution: 24 internal views, 23 min reading time and $0.54 earnings

Then a day with only 2 internal views and no reading time: $0.82 earnings

Here is a day with no internal views and no reading time: $0.01 earning

A day with 3 internal views and no earning