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5 min readMar 23

As Software Developer I have to learn a lot in my career. The best way to learn new technologies is of course reading of documentation and books.

So, when you start to learn something, read the docs at first.

/******** or as Software Developers say ********/

But even when you have read all the documentation about some technology in the known universe, you still don’t know the technology fully, since you don’t have practical experience with it.

I could take years of working with technology to gain solid experience in it.

Technologies in IT are often broad and complex, having some hidden sides which nobody usually wants to talk about.

But luckily, there is a place on the Internet, where you will find the people who faced already the complexity of technologies in the real IT Battlefield.

This place is named “Stack Exchange” (https://stackexchange.com)

Stack Exchange is a fantastic network consisting of hundreds of valuable communities on just about any topic you could imagine (check the All Sites page), with Stack Overflow as the oldest and biggest community for programmers and software developers.

If you have never heard of Stack Exchange (SE) and Stack Overflow (SO) at all (then you are definitely not a programmer :-), then get to know the network with the Stack Exchange Tour.

Ok, I guess it’s enough now with the pathetic foreword… :-)

Let’s go straight to my “Tip”.

Programmers often search for solutions or ask questions at Stack Overflow when they cannot find an answer to the problem or a ready-to-use solution.

So did I for a very long time. I am a member at SO for about 9 years and 9 months now.

My Secret Tip is indeed very simple:

Start to answer…




Born, Learned, Studied, Coding…

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