Update: Vue 3 Components in ASP.NET Core using vue3-sfc-loader

4 min readDec 26, 2021


Upgrade to Vue 3 of my previous article for Vue 2

ASP.NET Core with Vue 3

This is the update to my article “Vue Components in ASP.NET Core without bundler using http-vue-loader

In the previous article I used http-vue-loader library made by Franck Freiburger to dynamically load Vue Single File Components (SFC).

This library does not support Vue 3 and is no longer maintained by the developer. Instead of it, there is the new library from the same developer, which is compatible with both Vue versions 2 & 3.

I have already upgraded my sample project to Vue 3 and now I we are going to replace the http-vue-loader with vue3-sfc-loader.

Please check my article “Migrating from Vue 2 to Vue 3” if you like to read about the breaking changes in Vue 3 and migrating from Vue 2.

Here are the steps I did to replace the http-vue-loader with vue3-sfc-loader:

1. Pull the project from the “http-vue-loader” branch




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